A Global Fortune 500 insurer aimed to reimagine how they use data, design for consumers and organize their team.

They came to NorthOut after multiple false starts with the aim of trying a new approach. Together we quickly augmented their digital strategy by launching a UX Lab, building multiple data platforms and soon became trusted partners.

As an integrated team we created (and so much more)…

A User Experience Design Lab.

Located off-site, our combined full-stack teams executed a newly minted accelerated engineering approach to rebuild the entire consumer facing insurance platform. We’re already on year 2 and picking up steam.

A New Injury Claims Tool.

After uncovering inefficiencies in managing injury related claims, our team architected, designed and developed a multi-point integration into a proprietary management tool to handle & analyze more than 40 million claims.

A Next-Gen API Platform.

A key part of NorthOut innovation strategy hinged on making key insurance capabilities simple for 3rd party platforms, developers and agents to work with. In less than 3 months, our team launched an API ready for developers.

How We Worked Differently

NorthOut showed how being truly agile can change the engineering game.

We Reset Inno Strategy.

Alongside the organization’s CIO, CSO and technology team, we worked through different paths to reimagine insurance for the digital age. Our practical, ROI-focused perspectives drove excitement and investment.

Took a POC Approach.

NorthOut walked the walk by quickly creating a series of proof of concepts both for enterprise-wide programs and innovation path ideas. This powered alignment while de-risking larger initiatives.

And Deployed Quickly.

Speed wins. NorthOut both quickly deployed engineering teams and delivered mission critical platform ahead of schedule. Deeply integrating our combined teams made both organizations increasingly efficient.

Our engineering team needs to tinker more like you guys. You always know the latest tech.

–Partner CIO

A Featured Build

Our Accelerated POC Builds

Early in our engagement, we built 3 unique proof of concepts for core innovation concepts: a General Motors integrated crash reporter, a Next analysis tool and mobile instant quote app.

The General Motors Simulator

Just prior to an client executive presentation, GM release an in-car SDK enabling direct interface into broad driving data. We quickly used our previously built API to create a Proof of Concept for an auto crash detector and claim filer.

We believe transforming how your insurance organization builds presents a major opportunity in the next 5 years.

Whether increasing your teams velocity, taking a new approach to offshore development or creating next generation roadmaps, increased customer expectations, margin pressure and technology advancement make the time to act, yesterday. We’re ready.

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