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Blockchain Desktop App in eSports
We built a desktop eSports betting application completely on the ethereum blockchain. Our team knows the latest in decentralized platforms.

Mobile Application for Expecting Moms

After partnering with a global pharma organization, we developed a mediation and content application used by thousands of doctors.

Machine Learning for Credit Cards

Alongside the world’s premier credit card organization, NorthOut provided data science staff augmentation to rebuild an entire analytics platform.
A Benefits Platform
We partnered with Benemax to develop a best-in-class benefit admin platform enabling improved service and increased scale.

National Parking Analytics

Leading a 10 figure exit, NorthOut reimagined a leading startup Parkloco machine learning platform for real time parking insights.

Haptic Feedback in VR

We connected a next generation haptic feedback engine to the Oculus platform to enable developers to create unrivaled interaction experiences.

Stories and Advice from the NorthOut Squad.

Retail Innovation Prototype | A Smart Mirror

At NorthOut, we’re often challenged by our partners to come up with new innovation ideas, quickly prototype a solution, and...

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Steve Jobs

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Looking at Insurance Through the Eyes of a Startup

Technology is changing our perception of why we need insurance and how much we should pay for it. The...

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