NorthOut and Mugatunes partner to double down on #noshittymusic

Team NorthOut is thrilled to announce both our partnership and the relaunch of — a platform designed to reinvigorate the college radio experience — founded by entrepreneur Drew Meagher. Mugatunes is represented at over 80 campuses, has more than 300 creators and has been featured in the likes of Forbes, Bloomberg, Huffington Post among others.

Mugatunes is a curation platform that empowers fans to share and discover new music. The platform is powered by tastemakers from 80+ campuses who blog about new songs, create original playlists, and write articles about the industry. Tastemakers are intercollegiate music nerds who apply to become contributors. For casual fans, Mugatunes is a place to discover music from personalities you trust and stream it right from your laptop or phone. After bootstrapping the company from their dorm room at Trinity college, the team picked up angel investments from a cross section of Boston & New York entrepreneurs, as well as a large group of the Tastemakers themselves, to accelerate growth.

Nathan, co-founder at NorthOut, talked about the experience working with Drew and team, “We are thrilled to be a part of the Mugatunes story. Our passion to create unique and engaging digital experiences alongside killer founders blends well with the Mugatunes’ vision for the music industry. We’ll continue to get in the weeds alongside Drew and his team as we launch more products for their users. We have the best job in the world!”

Drew echoed, “We had a poor experience with a different firm and were skeptical when we met the guys from Northout. From the first meeting to our launch last week, they’ve been nothing but punctual and professional. They worked inside our budget and delivered an incredible product. #NoShittyApps”

Want to code, write or just live better? Head to and listen to some of the best music you never knew existed.

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